How to secure your home ahead of the competition in 2022

How to secure your home ahead of the competition in 2022

The property is sizzling hot right now, with unprecedented numbers of buyers competing for each available property for sale. If you are looking to move home, you will have experienced how competitive it is right now.

If you have a property to sell (to be able to buy on), it is crucial to be a ‘hot buyer’ in the eyes of a seller and estate agent. In this case, a ‘hot buyer’ is somebody who already has a buyer for their property. Without this, you will most likely miss the opportunity to secure your dream home when the time arises.How can you become a ‘hot buyer’?

1. Find a buyer for your home before you try to buy

If you need to sell your home to move, we advise that you put your home on the market now. Many sellers are picking buyers with sales already agreed (Sold STC). Some buyers are even selling first and moving into rented accommodation to put themselves in an ultimate and flexible buying position to move quickly when the right home becomes available.

2. Know what you want and be decisive

You need to know what you want – and what you don’t want. Draw up a list of things you would prefer to have with your new home and a list of ‘non-compromises’. It will help you to act decisively when the right property becomes available. In our experience, buyers who have viewed 5/10 properties know precisely what they want over buyers who browsed online only.

3. Get your ducks in a row!

You need to have the right team around you to be a ‘hot buyer’ by showing estate agents that you are ‘good to go’. The information you share with the estate agent will be vital in securing the property of your dreams. To be in the strongest position, make sure:

– You have a mortgage advisor on standby that you trust, you have completed all of the initial fact-finding exercises, and you know your options.
– That you have a solicitor on standby that you have already agreed terms/fees with and have the necessary paperwork to engage them formally.
– Pick the right estate agent for you if you are selling a property. Our number is 03330 169 824.
– You pick a few removal companies to provide you with an initial quotation and have them on standby just in case completion dates move.

In conclusion, if you can take on board the above three tips, it will give you the edge over other buyers to ‘pounce’ when the right property becomes available for you.

If you would like some property-related advice, please contact us. Or you can book a free valuation here to start the process.

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